Ilim Timber is the world’s
largest manufacturer of
moisture resistant plywood
made from Angara pine
and Siberian larch

Since its foundation in 2008,
Ilim Timber mills have produced more than 10 million cubic meters of marketable products

Ilim Timber products are in demand
on all continents and are distributed in
70 countries

Ilim Timber representative office in Shanghai
provides customer service in the strategic market of China

Ilim Timber processes
high-quality softwood from Eastern Siberia

Softwood plywood produced by Ilim Timber confirmed compliance with environmental standards for THE U.S. market (CARB)


FSF large format softwood plywood.


Sawn Timber

Taiga and Ilim Timber sawn timber products.

Sawn Timber

Ilim Timber Industry

22А, Sinopskaya Naberezhnaya,
St. Petersburg
191167 Russia 

office@ilimtimber.com +7(812) 332 7227 +7(812) 332 7375

Ust-Ilimsk Branch of Ilim Timber

UILPK Industrial site
666684, Ust'-Ilimsk, Irkutsk region, Russia

taiga-office@ui.ilimtimber.com +7 (3953) 590-480 (300)

Bratsk Branch of Ilim Timber

BLPK Industrial site
665718, Bratsk, Irkutsk region, Russia

dok-priemn@ibdok.ilimtimber.com +7 (3953) 496-699

Shanghai Representative Office

168 Mid-Yincheng Rd, Pudong, Shanghai
200120, P.R.China

china@ilimtimber.com +86 (21) 508 72280